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CMFE COMMUNITY MEDIA FORUM EUROPE is a network of policy experts, organizations and federations, which aim to support the role of Community Media in Europe.
CMFE is registered in Belgium as an International NGO, business n.0822992342

Community Media Forum Europe

Rue de la Linière 11, 1060 Bruxelles, Belgium

email: president[at]

General inquiries email: info[at]


Data Privacy Statement (as of 24.5.2018)

CMFE Community Media Forum Europe is taking data protection seriously and the data we handle is subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Find more on the European Data Protection Directive here:

To get in contact with Ragnar Smittberg, data protection officer and responsible for membership inquiries, please write to:

Newsletter and Mailinglists

You are able to sign up for our newsletter on our website or request access to one of our mailing lists (for members, experts and the board of directors). You can sign-out of these services at any time. Your mail address and name are used in the automated services provided by our providers, and
We are not sharing our mailing lists or newsletter contacts with other third parties.

Members’ information

Your name, address, contact details and payment information is handled by the authorized personnel only and is not shared with third parties. Payments made via Paypal (and information given to them) are subject to the company’s terms and conditions.

 Workshops and Projects

If you agree to sign up for workshops and projects, we may collect name, address and contact data, but also information on citizenship and residency. We are required to collect this data to confirm participation and to show how we have reached target groups by the funding programmes (i.e. Europe for Citizens).