Community media in times of (Coronavirus) crisis

Community media play a vital role in times of crisis. We are taking our work as providers of information very seriously, especially in this situation, because we consider it politically crucial to accompany this pandemic with a spirit of solidarity and with a critical view of society and a fair perspective. Our role is not to spread panic, but to engage in responsible communication. Providing multilingual information is part of our mandate and a task still inadequately carried out by official sources.

Currently, the aim is to contain the spread of the virus or to slow it down to such an extent that an overload of the health system can be prevented (#flattenthecurve). Experts agree that careful behaviour is crucial right now, because every day that the spread of the virus can be slowed down counts.

With these measures, community media would like to make our contribution in solidarity with society and particularly vulnerable people – and at the same time ensure media operations in these times continue under the safest possible conditions for all.