New Neighbours meet in Freiburg and Vienna

The refugee editorial group Our Voice at Radio Dreyeckland in Freiburg and the intercultural teams of Radio Orange and Okto TV in Vienna hosted media partners from Spain, Slovenia and Italy in October and November 2019, to share effective approaches for intercultural and multilingual productions. The resolution taken at the New Neighbours Format Development Workshops was to strengthen working relations and outreach programmes amongst
community media across Europe. Producers from Radio Student in Ljubljana (Slovenia),
Radio Televisio Cardedeu in Catalonia (Spain), Mondinsieme Intercultural Centre, Reggio
Emilia (Italy) and RadioFabrik in Salzburg (Austria) worked together with the teams of Our Voice, Orange and Okto to produce joint radio and TV shows with different viewpoints and multicultural voices.
Find out more here:
• New Neighbours Jingle
• Our Voice New Neighbours Show on Radio Dreyeckland, Germany
•Live Radio feature New Neighbours – Valuing Differences on Radio Orange, Austria
• Radio feature NOVE KOMŠIJE on Radio Student, Sloveniažba/kontrola-leta/nove-komšije
• Video feature, OKTO TV

This action was funded by the
European Union’s Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund.