Policy briefs on civil society and spectrum policy

In 2015 Pieter de Wit (Community Media Expert and former chair/board member of CMFE, as well as former member of Pascal Lamy’s European Commission advisory group on future use of UHF spectrum for wireless broadband and TV) was asked to  to sit on the external steering committee for the project “A study of civil society organisation participation in internet governance: Does civil society participation in self-regulatory fora promote public interest goals in internet governance at the international level ”

More on this project can be found at http://www.internetpolicystreams.com 
Regarding spectrum, the project has now produced three key academic outputs (see links for fulltexts):
Rashid Imir, and Seamus Simpson (2019) ‘Civil society activism, strategic alignment and international public policy making for spectrum’, Journal of Civil Society, 15:1, 62-81. READ Civil society lobbying_270919(2)
Rashid, Imir and Seamus Simpson (2019) ‘The Struggle for Co-existence: Communication Policy by Private Technical Standards Making and its Limits in Unlicensed Spectrum’, Information, Communication and Society, DOI:10.1080/1369118X.2019.1662072 READ Wireless spectrum_140919 
Harcourt, Alison, Christou George and Seamus Simpson (2020, forthcoming January, in press),  ‘Dynamic Spectrum Access, Technical Standards and Competing Spectrum Policy Interests in the TV White Space Environment’, Chapter 8 in Harcourt, Alison, Christou George and Seamus Simpson, Global Standard Setting in Internet Governance, Oxford: Oxford University Press,https://global.oup.com/academic/product/global-standard-setting-in-internet-governance-9780198841524?view=Standard&type=listing&lang=en&cc=in READ TVWS_250919
CMFE regards these outcomes as very interesting and useful for civil society organisations to help them in strategising participation in these complex but important processes.