EU Elections coming up! Go vote!

On 23-26 May 2019, millions of citizens across the European Union will be electing a new European Parliament. And what a time for Europe it is! The entire European project and the values the Union is based upon are being challenged from all possible directions, both outside and inside. Its a fragile time for Europe and the outcome of the election is hard to predict. One thing is clear: advancing social justice, human rights, equality and inclusion will not get any easier.

If you are entitled to vote – go vote! Also for the many that do not have a say because they are children, refugees, foreigners, …

EU Elections 2019

Social Platform was formed in 1995 and they represent more than 2,800 national organisations, associations and other voluntary groups at local, regional and national level in every EU member state – covering a large spectrum of the EU social civil society sector. Read more on their website.