CMFE-Member: CMA Community Media Association (UK)

The CMA is a non-profit making organisation founded in 1983 to support community radio – and their remit has expanded to include community television and community-based Internet projects. The CMA represents the community media sector to Government, industry and regulatory bodies.

CMA membership brings together established organisations, aspirant groups and individuals within the sector. The CMA provides a range of advice, information and consultancy, offering support to anyone with an interest in the sector. CMFE held its 2018 General Assembly alongside the CMA conference in Sheffield and was able to witness the highly involved and diverse CMA members presenting, discussing and partying!

Working for the Community Media Sector

Much of the CMA’s work has a strategic emphasis and the organisation has been intensely involved in liaison on behalf of the community broadcasting sector with Government, the regulator Ofcom and other strategic bodies regarding actual or proposed legislation and regulation of:

The CMA seeks to raise the profile of the sector and its aims to political decision-makers and previously established an All Party Group of MPs and Lords that was set up to support the principles underlying community media.

CMA is based in The Workstation, 15 Paternoster Row, Sheffield, S1 2BX and relies on 1 full-time member of staff, 2 part-time staff and 9 members of the CMA Council, among them Bill Best as Operations Manager.

What has been a main challenge in the last year?

Small-scale digital audio broadcasting, the relationship between the commercial radio and the community radio sectors, funding and sustainability.

What do you consider your most important successes?

The CMA has two recent important successes. The first was our response to the UK Government’s Department for Digital, Media & Sport consultation on small-scale DAB which will shape UK Government policy in this area. Our second area of success was our quick and robust reply to a report commissioned by the UK commercial radio sector on small-scale radio broadcasting in the UK.