Publication: Mapping community media organisations

Chris Voniati, Vaia Doudaki and Nico Carpentier just published an article in the Journal of alternative and community media, entitled Mapping community media organisations in Cyprus: A methodological reflection

Read the full article here (open access):

Abstract: Identifying grassroots or ‘below-the-radar’ organisations, such as community media organisations, is a challenging task that is not always supported sufficiently by methodological literature. The objective of this article is to address this challenge by proposing a structured approach to mapping analysis: (1) driven by an (operational) definition of the social entity; (2) that allows for a population-based mapping process; (3) that uses a particular registration instrument (labelled a Mapping Index Card, or MIC); (4) to process data from multiple sources; and (5) to analyse the information registered in these MICs. By zooming in on the only divided country of Europe – the island of Cyprus – this article then illustrates how to design and conduct a mapping research of community media organisations on a national scale. Other than giving an overview of the community media operating in Cyprus, this mapping exercise aims to provide a methodological guide for mapping civil society and ‘below-the-radar’ organisations in general.

Keywords: Community media, alternative media, mapping methodology; Cyprus; grassroots organisations; below-the-radar organisations