Council of Europe / EU Partnership: “Freedom of Media in Ukraine”

Gergely Gosztonyi, member of the CMFE expert group, was invited to Kiev, Ukraine by the Council of Europe Office in Ukraine within the framework of the Joint CoE/EU Eastern Partnership Programmatic Co-operation Framework (PCF) Programme in the Project on “Freedom of Media in Ukraine”. His report is now online!

Gergely’s main task was to make a report about the Draft Law of Ukraine ‘On Principles of Broadcasting Activities by Territorial Communities in Ukraine’ and provide further recommendations on community media development in Ukraine. On 26th April 2017 he held a workshop on community media with relevant stakeholders. Gergely’s presentation was about the community media in Europe with a focus on legislations, regulations and best practices. The co-presenter was Ukrainian media lawyer, Igor Rozkladai. The workshop was a very successful and open event and was followed by a meeting with Victoria Sumar, Head of parliament Committee on Freedom of speech and information policy. The project team was very helpful and as a consequence of the consultation the proposed Draft Law will not be presented to the Parliament in its current form as it would rather hinder than encourage the development of independent community media as a voice of civil society in the country. Gergely Gosztonyi and CMFE are ready to offer further help to support the possibilities of community media to develop in the country.

Please read the full report here: Final_report_Ukraine_Gosztonyi