Upcoming Media Conferences: Updated Overview

— Radiophrenia — ‘Radio, Sound and Internet’ — Civilmedia — BOSIFEST — ‘Les frontières de la radio’ — ‘Media and PR’ — IFoLT — Radio Research Section (ECREA) —

Radiophrenia: Open Call for Sound & Radio Works
Radiophrenia is a temporary FM art radio station broadcasting in Glasgow during April 2015, announces an open call for sound and transmission artworks.
Call closed on February 28th, 2015
More details: http://www.cca-glasgow.com/programme/5460b8537932e9a376000129

International conference ‘Radio, sound and Internet’
University of Minho/Portugal, in 23-24 April 2015
This conference is organised in the light of the research project ‘NET Station: shaping radio for web environment’, funded by the Portuguese Foundation for the Science and Technology. More info: http://www.lasics.uminho.pt/netstation/?lang=en
More information on the conference: http://www.netstation2015.org/

Civilmedia 2015
7th to 9th of May 2015 in Salzburg
Find upcoming information here: http://www.civilmedia.eu

BOSIFEST 2015 The Sixth Belgrade International Film Festival for and by People with Disabilities
will be held from 1st to 3rd June 2015.
Venue: Belgrade Youth Centre, Makedonska 22/IV, Belgrade, Serbia
Submissions are open from 19th January until 5th April 2015.
The slogan of this year’s festival is “Labyrinth of possibilities”, and the topic is work and life of the people with disabilities.
More information: http://bosifest.rs

GRER / Université Perpignan, France
«Les frontières de la radio / The borders of radio»
4th and 5th of June 2015
Participants were invited to send proposals in French, English or Catalan before 2nd of March 2015.
More information: http://radiography.hypotheses.org/1532

Union of Local Public Broadcasters of Montenegro, the Academy of Social Sciences, Local Public Broadcaster Radio Bijelo Polje, Journal Media and Communication/ Mediji i komunikacije:
Third International Scientific-Expert Conference MEDIA AND PR
Theme: Public Media Service and Public Interest
19 – 21 June 2015, Bijelo Polje, Montenegro
Submission date for abstracts: 15th of March 2015
More information: http://mediapr.me/mediaeng/en/

IFoLT International Festival of Local Televisions
17. – 20. Juni 2015 in Košice, Slovakia and Uzhgorod, Ukraine, organized by the City TV Foundation.
We encourage you to enter your films/programmes into competition for the Golden Beggar Award in one of the *three competition sections* ( Local Televisions, Production Companies, Young Authors).
We expect entries that reflect the lives and fates of people living where you live. We also welcome works that uncover serious problems of present-day society, such as corruption, blackmail, minority and cross-border problems and the fate of children.
The deadline for films/programmes to reach Košice is 17th April , 2015.
More information: http://www.festival.sk/

Radio: Diversity, Innovation & Policies
The next conference of the Radio Research Section of ECREA will be held at the Getafe campus of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain), from 28-30 October 2015.
More information: http://radioresearch2015.org/radioresearch/