Successful GA: New board, new plans

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Thanks to support from BFR and thanks to the attendance and proxies from you, we were able to hold a successful GA on the 7th of November in Potsdam (documentation will follow here: The focus this year, next to the approval of reports, budgets and plans, was on the changed constitution of the CMFE board.

Three members were standing for a second term after three years and four new people volunteered to be elected into the board – all seven reached the necessary number of votes and we can gladly announce the new board for 2015. As was voted on by mail, four board members are exceptionally staying for another year to guarantee a smooth hand-over of responsibilities. We would like to thank again our former board members – Francesco Diasio, Henry Loeser, Friederike Maier and Rui Monteiro – for their work and we are happy that they will be part of the expert group now!

Our new board: Ciaran Murray (president), Pieter de Wit (treasurer), Nadia Bellardi (vice-president), Larry Fergeson (vice-president), Gabriella Velics (vice-president/membership), Judith Purkarthofer (vice-president/communication), Urszula Doliwa (secretary), Jaqui Devereux (who will shadow Pieter de Wit to be ready to take over the treasure’s position next year), Christer Hederström, Gergely Gosztonyi, Marko-Ala-Fossi, Patrice Berger, Lyacout Haïcheur and Birgitte Jallov.


One of our concerns for the next year is of course the necessity to look for funding to facilitate CMFE activities in lobbying and structure, both project-based and structural funds. Among our main objectives for the next year are lobbying efforts with the Council of Europe, EPRA, ECSPM and European work on Regional and Local Authorities. Also the Digital Agenda, the newly composed European Commission and work on diversity (like we were able to do with MEDIANE, which has its final meeting on the 14th of November in Brussels link) continue to be important. Furthermore, we would like to extend toolkits and resources on our website, to be of service to members and collect successful works and publications from community media.

We are (as always) very thankful if you can provide us with ideas and input to better be able to lobby for our common cause!