Lack of funding in Croatia – Call for action

CMFE is happy to support not-for-profit media and cultural initiatives in Croatia, struggling with what seems to be a systematic lack of funding for the third or not-for-profit sector. Despite very positive developments in Croatia, there is a severe lack of funding specially in connection with European funding schemes, i.e. the European Social Fund, where postponements have taken place and kept media initiatives without access to tenders.
We wrote a letter to the ministry of Culture and we are hoping for a swift response to work together towards a sustainable, independent media scene!

Declaration by the Committee of Ministers on the financial sustainability of quality journalism in the digital age

In a Declaration adopted today, the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers encourages states to put in place a regulatory and policy framework that facilitates the operation of quality journalism, while not constraining media outlets’ editorial and operational independence. Recommended measures include a beneficial tax regime, financial support schemes and the possibility of media outlets to operate as not-for-profit organisations and receive donations from philanthropic programmes.

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CMFE-Member: CMA Community Media Association (UK)

The CMA is a non-profit making organisation founded in 1983 to support community radio – and their remit has expanded to include community television and community-based Internet projects. The CMA represents the community media sector to Government, industry and regulatory bodies.

CMA membership brings together established organisations, aspirant groups and individuals within the sector. The CMA provides a range of advice, information and consultancy, offering support to anyone with an interest in the sector. CMFE held its 2018 General Assembly alongside the CMA conference in Sheffield and was able to witness the highly involved and diverse CMA members presenting, discussing and partying!

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CMFE Member: Red de Medios Comunitarios (ReMC, Spain)

Young people at Almenara Community Radio, Madrid

The ReMC was born with the mission “to promote and defend Human Rights and the democratic principles contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, with special reference to freedom of expression and the Right to Communication as fundamental rights for the exercise and development of other rights “, as it appears in its statutes (ReMC, 2009).

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Council of Europe endorses Community Media

The Council of Europe recognises the value of community media as a source of local content, cultural and linguistic diversity, media pluralism, social inclusion and intercultural dialogue.

It endorses the commitment of community media to media and information literacy, through the development of critical and creative thinking and active participation in media content production. Continue reading

CMFE Member: CMS Community Media Sweden

CMS, Community Media Sweden, formed in 2015 and is the umbrella organization for RÖK (Riksförbundet Öppna Kanaler i Sverige / National Swedish Open TV Group) and NRO (Närradions Riksorganisation / National Local Radio association) .

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New book: Undocumented Storytellers

For those of you who are interested in or work with life stories and mediated stories in community media: Undocumented Storytellers: Narrating the Immigrant Rights Movement offers a critical exploration of the ways undocumented immigrants in the United States harness the power of storytelling to mitigate the fear and uncertainty of life without legal status and to advocate for immigration reform. Continue reading

CMFE member: Near FM (Ireland)

Near Media Co-op is a not-for-profit community media project made up by Near TV and NearFM operating across the Northside of Dublin City and beyond. Near encourages groups to use community media as a tool in their development work and aims to support the issues, events and stories important in the local area. Continue reading

CMFE member: COMMIT (Austria)

COMMIT was founded in 2010 as a non-profit-organization and works to extend and improve further training for community media practitioners in Austria and in Europe. COMMIT organizes trainings and develops concepts for further education in the field of community media and adult learning. COMMIT works towards professionalization and formal recognition of community media training and of the acquired skills. Continue reading