What is the social benefit of Community Media in Ireland?

In Ireland, one of the statutory requirements to be met by community radio, is to deliver a social benefit to the community it serves. To clarify what ‘social benefit’ is and how it could and should be assessed, a toolkit has been developed for use by the community radio stations. The toolkit and “The Community Radio – Delivering Social Benefit” report are the products of more than two years of research, looking in-depth at the community radio sector and how it delivers social benefit to communities. Continue reading

A new Board for the Swiss Federation of Not Profit-Oriented Radios (UNIKOM)

On June 10th 2020 the General Assembly of UNIKOM elected a new Board of Directors reflecting the recent expansion and evolution of the association. The enlargement of the association was voted at the General Assembly 2017, when the new DAB+ local radios joined UNIKOM. One year later, the sub-group “Meldepflichtige Radios” and the sub-group “Komplementäre Radios” were constituted for this purpose. Continue reading


Annalisa Camilli

For the New Neighbours project, project partner COMMIT commissioned a series of interviews on media, migration and integration issues to local researchers in different European countries. The talks provide expert analyses and perspectives on the reporting and portrayal of refugees and migrants in the media and complement the country-specific Fact sheets.

We invite you to read more about the issue around media and migration in some of the countries where the documentary films have been produced. Continue reading

Join the world teenage reporting project – COVID-19?

Are you a teenager involved in a local community media? Are you interested in making your voice heard in the current COVID-19crisis? Newsrooms doing broadcast, print and online with teenage reporters in 14 countries are already participating in the World Teenage Reporting Project around COVID-19, but there is room for you, too!

The project is a collaboration organized by Global Youth & News Media to produce stories by teenage reporters from newsrooms around the world about what their counterparts — other teenagers —  are doing to help during the COVID-19 pandemic. Continue reading

Communicating the Sustainable Development Goals – A toolkit for community radio

There is enough research based evidence to state that community-driven approaches lead to sustainable impact and local empowerment. Thus the key to the success in achieving the SDGs is to engage with citizens and to work with organisations that actually work on the ground and are deeply engaged and vulnerable populations.

Communicating Sustainable Development Goals: A Toolkit for Community Radio, is a one of its kind effort to demystify and simplify the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and their 169 targets for community radios, in order to ensure their contribution in meeting the Agenda 2030. Continue reading