Communicating the Sustainable Development Goals – A toolkit for community radio

There is enough research based evidence to state that community-driven approaches lead to sustainable impact and local empowerment. Thus the key to the success in achieving the SDGs is to engage with citizens and to work with organisations that actually work on the ground and are deeply engaged and vulnerable populations.

Communicating Sustainable Development Goals: A Toolkit for Community Radio, is a one of its kind effort to demystify and simplify the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and their 169 targets for community radios, in order to ensure their contribution in meeting the Agenda 2030. Continue reading

Generation Equality Forum

What a powerful women’s month this March has been with documentation of the situation of women in the media, on how women are portrayed by the media and as users of the media.

On the global stage the ‘Beijing+25 review’ of the ‘Plan of Action’ was foreseen with excitement, summing up the analysis by all the UN member countries. Continue reading

Radio Kobani, joyfulness and information – the potential of community media.

Under siege by the Corona virus – what we can learn from being under siege by war
Radio Kobani – Trailer from Square Eyes on Vimeo

“War has no winners,” says Dilovan Kîko, the main character in the documentary “Radio Kobanî”. But with her enormous effort to create a local radio in the war-torn city of Kobanî, she somehow contradicts herself. There is one winner: the human resilience personified in Dilovan finds the surplus power and joy to continue life. Continue reading

Community media in times of (Coronavirus) crisis

Community media play a vital role in times of crisis. We are taking our work as providers of information very seriously, especially in this situation, because we consider it politically crucial to accompany this pandemic with a spirit of solidarity and with a critical view of society and a fair perspective. Our role is not to spread panic, but to engage in responsible communication. Providing multilingual information is part of our mandate and a task still inadequately carried out by official sources.

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Supporting Quality Journalism through Media and Information Literacy

The Council of Europe has published its study Supporting Quality Journalism through Media and Information Literacy.

This report provides the findings of a study on Media and Information Literacy (MIL) that was conducted in support of the work of the CoE Committee of experts on quality journalism in the digital age (MSI-JOQ), as well as a series of recommendations from the authors of the study to be considered by member states and other stakeholders.

Nadia Bellardi and Helmut Peissl from CMFE actively contributed to the dissemination of the survey in the community media network and highlighted the unique role of community media in promoting media literacy.

The study notes that: A common feature of the community media initiatives is to provide alternative media for local people and, in particular, for minority communities, and to provide them with the opportunity to actively participate in creating media and by extension learning about the media and developing critical media literacy skills.