New Neighbours Updates

RTV Cardedeu goes multilingual!  

CMFE local trainings at the starting blocks! 

New Neighbours documentary films!



RTV Cardedeu goes multilingual!

RTV Cardedeu has started its very first multilingual / ‘foreign language’ content thanks to New Neighbours! What a wonderful way to celebrate their 40th anniversary, happening this year!

Here you can hear Meryem and Hamza from Morroco talking in Arabic (“Maghrebi 100 %”), and Kiemba from Senegal speaking Mandinga, Spanish and Catalan (“Bamtabakacha”), just click on the corresponding program tab:

We hope you enjoy, even if you understand just a few words.

CMFE local trainings at the starting blocks

Our three local trainings with migrant producers are in preparation, although delayed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Birgitte Jallov, CMFE President, will be working with Radio Student in Slovenia. Thanks to the co-funding from USAGM, we will also have the participation of Auriane Itangishaka who will share insights from her work, including VOA Africa Division’s new TV show “Our Voices”.

Larry Macaulay from Refugee Radio Network will visit University radio Radio Rumore  and Fondazione Mondinsieme in Reggio Emilia, Italy, to train local ‘migrants, refugees and second-generation Italians’ and empower them to raise their voices and become more visible in the local media landscape.

Finally, Bianca Miglioretto, community radio founder and trainer from Radio LoRa in Switzerland, will join RTV Cardedeu later in May to experiment further with multilingual formats and give migrant women more visibility on- and off-air.

New Neighbours documentary films

Very soon we will start sharing the beautiful films co-produced by EBU members via the New Neighbours website, one by one. We will announce them on Twitter via #newneighbours and count on you all to spread them far and wide on social media!

In the meantime, please help us share the beautiful trailer:

New Neighbours is funded by the European Union’s Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and by the US Agency for Global Media