Local broadcasting in Ukraine – Update

Ukraine has a new President, who will be given time to find his feet and ways to turn his popular promised real.

Before the Presidential elections, the media reform which has been prepared for the past three years, had taken an important step forward with civil society’s claim for community media to be clearly highlighted in the reform process. Referring back to the first ever national community radio day held in December 2018, the press release of the ‘Media- and Civil society development NGOs’ suggested the establishment of a joint working group led by the State Committee on TV&Radio Broadcasting, with the representation of all the relevant experts, public servants and NGOs. Together this group should draft the new legislation framework on Audiovisual Media Services and meet the Action Plan of EU-UA Association Agreement. The press release further reads:

«Ukraine needs to adopt the modern European regulations in Media sector to replace the current (almost technologically outdated) legislation framework. The new regulations should take into account the modern ways of production, distribution and consumption of audiovisual content as well as the Community Media development as the crucial part of Civil Society», – Andriy Solomakha, Telecom expert.

Through the three early years of the reform process, the Ukrainian state’s ‘National council on Radio and Television Broadcasting’ has preliminarily opened for 74 local radio stations obtained getting on air (read more here: https://www.nrada.gov.ua/en/development-local-broadcasting-ukraine/)

Steve Buckley and Gergely Gosztonyi have supported the C4E and the GIZ efforts to support the reform process as members of the CMFE expert group. In the December Community Media Forum Steve Buckley and CMFE board members Birgitte Jallov and Urszula Doliwa were present, sharing community media experiences from other European countries. Read more here (https://cmfe.eu/?p=2652)