CMFE Member: Verband Freier Radios Österreich (Austria)

The Austrian Association of Community Radio unites private non-commercial broadcasters and fosters their development following the Charta der Freien Radios Österreichs [in German], summarizing the core goals and values of the Austrian non-commercial broadcasters.

Open access, no advertisement and community orientation are the key goals and the criteria by which Austrian Community Broadcasters are also recognized by the Austrian broadcasting legislation. A key criteria is also a legal form as NPO. The Mission of the Austrian Association of Community Radio is that all citizens, whether in cities, towns or rural areas have access to Community Media as producers and listeners. The diverse interests, multilingual backgrounds and realities of members of society as well as their local and interconnected needs and voices need to be heard. Providing training in media literacy, participation in democratic processes and access to technical infrastructure as well as diverse media formats are tools to foster pluralistic societies.

Five years before the first Community Radio went on air in 1998, the Association was founded in 1993. The most relevant successes in the last years were
– legal recognition of non-commercial broadcasting (Private broadcasting law: § 1 PrR-G)
– the installment of a legal funding body for non-commercial broadcasters
– establishing and providing an On Demand archive for all Austrian community radio content since the beginning of the 2000 where the content can be hold accessible without time limit.
– fostering solidarity among their members

The map of all member stations can be found here: