Media Democracy under pressure – Community Media in Europe (Conference, Vienna)

Community media are situated between public service and private-commercial media organizations. They symbolize diversity, pluralism, participative media production and content of civil society. Community media operate as a space for public, democratized, multivocal debates. Despite their long-standing existence – Austria looks back at 20 years of community radio – they are often left aside of the media policy debate.

The focus of this conference is to bring back attention to the democratic role of community media in Europe and the conditions under which they are enabled to create or strenghten democracy.
We will discuss:
What forms of media regulation can enable free media projects?
Which conditions facilitate truly participative information generated by and for citizens?
What is needed to strengthen democratic processes?
What are the responsibilities and expectations of free and community media?
The conference takes place at the Department of Communication, University of Vienna, on May 22nd 2018, from 12 to 19.00
Speakers from Austria as well as Poland and Hungary, among them CMFE’s Urszula Doliwa, Gergely Gosztony and Kate Coyer will share there perspectives on the situation regarding media in their countries. More about further contributions you will find in the attached programme.Invitation_Media_Democracy