Radio Journal: Special Section on Community Radio

Judith Purkarthofer, President of the CMFE, and Urszula Doliwa, Secretary of the CMFE, edited a special issue of The Radio Journal on community radio. Find the table of contents here: Radiojournal_Sept17
We would like to thank all authors, the reviewers and journal editors for their great work and we hope that you will enjoy reading about Community Radio in different countries!

Despite being recognised as an important factor in supporting social cohesion, development and citizen participation (by the Council of Europe and the European Parliament as well as UNESCO through its Chair on Community Media), the community radio sector has continuously faced considerable challenges of sustainable funding, limited access to the radio spectrum as
well as recognition not only among media decision-makers but also in societies. Today’s fast-changing and disruptive digital media environment poses further challenges as community radio learns to deal with podcasting, the role of social media, and shifting audience expectations. This makes community radio a relevant and fertile area to examine in a dedicated special issue of the Radio Journal.
The scholarly interest was confirmed by the large number of submitted articles for the special issue as well as the enthusiastic support of the reviewers who represent the top league in international community media research. The selection process was not an easy task, however we finally decided to publish high quality articles exploring community radio from a number of continents (Europe, South America, Australia and Africa) and from scholars at different levels of their careers.
In addition to making a contribution to scholarship about community radio, we hope that this special issue will be of relevance to those involved in the actual community media movement: as employees, volunteers, researchers, activists, enthusiasts or listeners. They are all important to the complex phenomenon called community radio.