Tilos Rádió Film – Crowdfunding for documentary


CMFE is happy to point you to this Crowdfunding Campaign by Tilos Radio, Budapest. A strong voice in Hungarian Community Media for 25 years, changes in media laws and opposition to the government have made their work even more difficult in the last years. Please consider to support this project.

About the project: “Maybe you know, Tilos Radio has its 25th anniversary this year. My co-workers and I decided to make a documentary about the past, present and the possible future of Tilos. We’ve got a huge collection of archive footage, and already interviewed more than 20 Tilos crew members.
This documentary project has been rejected from government funds… although most of our film projects had been positively evaluated in the past 7-8 years. Looks like the Hungarian government simply doesn’t care about the history of the most important Hungarian community radio. That’s why we started a crowdfunding campagin on Indiegogo!


Please help spreading the campaign on social media, and anywhere else you can. If you know anyone, who can be interrested by a documentary like this, please share the Indiegogo link with them. Every tiny help counts, even if it’s only a share on Facebook, or a small donation. If you’re curious about our previous works, here’s a good one, from a few years back: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crbEwQJMZC8 Many thanks in advance, we really appreciate your efforts!”