Spain: Expert Advisory Board on Information and Communication Rights includes Third sector

The Spanish political party Podemos has created an Expert Advisory Board on Information and Communication Rights. Miriam Meda is there to ensure the presence and visibility of the Third Media Sector, along with former members of EPRA, public media, Owen Jones, Armand Mattelart, Beth Costa (International Federation of Journalists…)….
CMFE considers this an important development and great news that a party with increasing popularity is taking media seriously and acknowledging the importance of the community media sector!
Officially the Board was presented on December, 9th, you can find the information here (in Spanish):

Translation in English:
Yesterday, December 9, Podemos presented its Expert Advisory Board on Information and Communication Rights in a press conference in Madrid. Furthermore, in the same event, the Spanish political party has presented the electoral platform measures related to Media and Information Rights.

*What is the Expert Advisory Board?*
It is an international group of renowned professionals and academics from various communication and culture fields that advises Podemos in relation to media policy. The people who make up this Expert Advisory Board act as independent experts for contributing from their conviction that it is urgent and necessary to modernize the communications space in Spain. They represent different areas and sensitivities, but at the same time they agree on the need to rebalance the communication sector and make it serve the public, and in this sense their efforts are added to the *Círculo Cultura *and the *Círculo de Periodismo y Medios *working in coordination with the Department of Culture and Communication, to collect proposals from associations and civil society groups concerned for the improvement and the updates of the Spanish media system.

*Who integrates the Expert Advisory Board?*
The group has a large plurality of geographical origins and professional fields, from citizens’ social and community communication, academic research, university teaching, policy advice institutions, professional journalists from all types of media, information and culture, ensuring the richness and diversity of independent perspectives. The Expert Advisory Board, which continues incorporating new experts, is currently composed by: Owen Jones, Joan Botella, Enric Bastardes, Pedro Soler, Miriam Meda, Manu Mediavilla, Reiner Wandler, Vicent Canet, Manel Iglesias, Lolo Rico, Andrea Gautier, Ricardo Gutiérrez, Armand Mattelard, Javier Corcuera, César Rendueles, Beth Costa, Scott Griffen, José Ángel Jiménez, Pedro Gómez, Jordi Adell, Martha Steffens, Ángel García Castillejo, Lara López and Gumersindo Lafuente.

*Program on Media and Information Rights*
The Spanish media system has known in recent times unprecedented degeneration which severely affected all three communication sectors. The best way to counter this and to build a media sector accomplishing the European standards is urgently resolve its main deficiencies. For this three main steps are proposed:
– Review of the General Audiovisual Communication Act.
– Development of a Information Statute.
– Campaign for an active audience.
Besides the electoral platform measures (Media Policy Program) includes the following nine measures:
1. New management model of public media.
2. Balance between sectors and promotion of diversity, pluralism and transparency.
3. Social Responsibility in the representation of diversity.
4. Heritage and accessible collective memory.
5. Promotion and protection of the Third Media Sector.
6. Full accountability for the media system.
7. Support for employment in the field of communication.
8. Right of Access (public media) and Right to Communicate.
9. Public media with international impact.