*Our Voice Our Power: Booklet out*

Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC) represents
the community electronic media *[Community Radio | Community TV |
Community Film]* sector to Government, Industry, Regulatory Bodies,
Media, Academia and Development Partners from 2000. BNNRC is in Special
Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United
Nations since 2010 & accredited with UN World Summit on the Information

We are pleased to present you our booklet titled *Our Voice Our Power: Empowering Women through Community Media in Bangladesh* (pdf) a publication that presents highlights in the professional and personal achievements of 12 young women that recently completed a community media fellowship at community radio stations. The program was designed and implemented by BNNRC in cooperation with 11 community radio stations and supported by Free Press Unlimited.

Now 14 Community Radio Stations are on-air in the country, aiming to
ensure empowerment and right to information for the rural community. They
are broadcasting altogether 120 hours program per day on information,
education, local entertainment and development motivation activities.
Around 1000 Youth Women & Youth are now working with those Stations
throughout the country as rural broadcasters within 4.6 million rural
people in 67 upazillas under 13 districts.

BNNRC has initiated a process to explore the future of development
cooperation and the role of electronic community media over the next 15
years, and we already have a new challenge! We have already started
Community Media News Agency (CMNA), Community Media Academy (CMA) &
Community Media Newsletter for building capacity of electronic community
media sector.

We invite you to join in our STRUGGLE! We hope you are – or will become
one of our future supporters for promoting electronic community media in
rural Bangladesh.