Frieda Werden: Speech at The Beijing Platform for Action and Community Radio

WINGS Golden Reel 1987Frieda in CJSF on-air studio [photo by Erika Wah oct 29 2008]Frieda Werden, co-founder of WINGS: Women’s International News Gathering Service and radio producer since 40 years, held a talk on “The Beijing Platform for Action and Community Radio” at the ECE Beijing + 20 Forum in Geneva, Nov. 4, 2014.

Frieda says: “I’ve been working with community and public media since 1973, and syndicating a half-hour weekly radio program by and about the global women’s movement for 28 years. It’s my experience that community radio is where the
openness to women’s issues and voices tends to be greatest, and I would be extremely happy to see many more women move in on that openness. We find in this world that it can be a quick business to destroy livelihoods and cultures, creating traumas that ring down through generations. The much harder job is to heal, and that requires building relations in community.”
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