Near FM launch new Digital Audio Archive

image001The Near FM Archive was officially launched by Prof Dr Pauric Travers, chairperson of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland. Also speaking at the event were Dublin City Archivist, Dr Mary Clark and Chairperson of Near Media Co-op, Vincent Teeling. This was followed by a short demonstration of the Near Archive.
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European media against hate speech – Project launch

CMFE will partner with leading European media organisations in a new project focusing on hate speech and on ways to tackle it through ethical journalism practices and accountable media reporting. Together with the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ), Article19, COMMIT, COSPE, Media Diversity Institute (MDI) and the Croatian Journalists’ Association (CJA), CMFE will organise training workshops for individual journalists, journalists’ organisations, media organisations, CSOs, community media and media regulators to counter discrimination and hate speech.
We look forward to presenting the project at the CMFE General Assembly on Oct. 24 in Halle!

First book on community radio in Polish

okladka-rotatedCMFE’s secretary Urszula Doliwa just published the first book on Community Radio in the Polish language: Radio społeczne – trzeci obok publicznego i komercyjnego sektor radiowy (Community radio – the third along public and commercial radio sector), Olsztyn 2016, 332 pp.
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DAB Experiences in Marseille, France 2016

Report for CMFE from a local DAB BroadcasterCassis2015

In France as in other countries, digital radio isn’t a new thing anymore. On April 10 1996, a new law (N°: 96-299), and the first experiments in the Île-de-France region made a start with Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB). Ever since, DAB has remained a complicated business and has only progressed in small but calculated steps, as will become clear in the following chronological overview. Continue reading

Public Service News and Digital Media (Reuters Institute)

EPRA points to a new report by the Reuters Institute , dealing with Public Service News and Digital Media. The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the University of Oxford has published a new comparative report entitled “Public Service News and Digital Media” on 29 March 2016. The new report authored by Annika Sehl, Alessio Cornia and Rasmus Kleis Nielsen looks at key public service organisations in six countries (Italy, Poland, the UK, France, Germany and Finland) and documents how they are adapting their newsrooms and strategies to a fast-evolving digital media environment. Continue reading

Research: Religious Radio Stations as Community Broadcasters

Gabriela Velics and Urszula Doliwa, members of the CMFE board of directors, wrote their latest research article on religious radio stations from the perspective of Community Media. It just appeared in “Media and Communication” Vol 3, No 4 (2015): In the Declaration of the Committee of Ministers on the role of community media in promoting social cohesion and intercultural dialogue passed on 11 February 2009 by the Council of Europe, stations run by religious institutions were explicitly excluded from the community media definition, as being too dependent on the Church. But the reality seems to be far from this definition. Continue reading