Tilos Rádió Film – Crowdfunding for documentary


CMFE is happy to point you to this Crowdfunding Campaign by Tilos Radio, Budapest. A strong voice in Hungarian Community Media for 25 years, changes in media laws and opposition to the government have made their work even more difficult in the last years. Please consider to support this project.

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Community Media in Greece

CMFE Community Media Forum Europe addressed a letter to Minister Pappas, regarding the development of the community media sector in Greece. We hope the Greek government will take these policy recommendations into consideration when revising the Greek media legislation.
CMFE, with expert Prof. Angeliki Gazi from the Faculty of Communication and Media at Cyprus University of Technology, welcomes the plans of the Greek Government to reform the country’s media and to reinstate ERT. We support the government’s vision of a holistic reform and regulatory approach, aimed at building a media ecosystem based on pluralism, diversity and universal access.

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*Our Voice Our Power: Booklet out*

Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC) represents
the community electronic media *[Community Radio | Community TV |
Community Film]* sector to Government, Industry, Regulatory Bodies,
Media, Academia and Development Partners from 2000. BNNRC is in Special
Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United
Nations since 2010 & accredited with UN World Summit on the Information

We are pleased to present you our booklet titled *Our Voice Our Power: Empowering Women through Community Media in Bangladesh* (pdf) a publication that presents highlights in the professional and personal achievements of 12 young women that recently completed a community media fellowship at community radio stations. The program was designed and implemented by BNNRC in cooperation with 11 community radio stations and supported by Free Press Unlimited.

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New Commissioner-designate for Education, Culture & Youth

Following extensive discussion about the assignment of Citizenship issues to Tibor Navracsics, Commissioner-designate for Education, Culture & Youth (and the afore mentioned citizenship), Jean-Claude Juncker decided to reassign (several) parts of portfolios: Please find the list here: http://europa.eu/rapid/press-release_SPEECH-14-705_en.htm

Let’s be cautious to the actions taken by the newly built commission and follow closely the developments – specifically in the relevant parts for Community Media, like civil society / citizenship, multilingualism (which is no longer explicitly mentioned in a portfolio), net neutrality and technological changes.

Find below a documentation of the discussions / hearing around M. Navracsics:

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Lobbying for the upcoming EU elections

CMFE asks for your support with our lobbying across the European Union and in particular in lobbying MEP candidates for the upcoming EU parliament election. We wrote a letter to outline CMFE postions and the importance of community Media across Europe. Please use your contacts, networks and members to contact your local candidates with the attached letter. This approach may yield favourable results when the new MEPs are elected and will help us when working to get the community media message on the various agendas. Feel free to translate the letter. Please let us know how you get on and send us on any replies you get.

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In support of the Danish Community Media Sector

Denmark has, in earlier years, played an important role by inspiring other European countries to approve media laws that supported community media. ‘Must carry’ was an essential part of the Danish media law for community media. Losing ‘must carry’ sets Denmark back as an inspiration for other European countries and denies an important part of Danish citizens full access to a diverse, pluralistic and democratic media environment.

In support of the request of our Danish member “SAML” for the reestablishment of ‘must carry’ rules for non-commercial media, CMFE (Community Media Forum Europe) wrote a letter to the Danish Ministry of Culture.

> download the letter here: CMFE_Letter_to_The_Danish_Minister_of_Culture.pdf

Berlin/Potsdam: support for community radios [update]


[update 20.5.2011] The protest has been effective. The Media Council mabb has rolled back the withdrawal of the broadcasting license for Frrapo in Potsdam at its meeting on 15th May 2012. They also withdraw the decrease of air-time of the community radio groups. According to this, for the four community radio groups Frrapo, Studio Ansage, Piradio and Colaboradio now everything remain as before the re-tendering. The only change is more schedule flexibility, to distribute the airtime, which is still from Monday to Thursday 19-6 o’clock at 88.4 MHz in the southwest of Berlin. This decision is valid for two years. The claims for an earlier start of the transmission and additional air time on Friday, but also the long-term acknowledgement of community radio as a third media sector with support and independence still remains open.

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