Spain: Expert Advisory Board on Information and Communication Rights includes Third sector

The Spanish political party Podemos has created an Expert Advisory Board on Information and Communication Rights. Miriam Meda is there to ensure the presence and visibility of the Third Media Sector, along with former members of EPRA, public media, Owen Jones, Armand Mattelart, Beth Costa (International Federation of Journalists…)….
CMFE considers this an important development and great news that a party with increasing popularity is taking media seriously and acknowledging the importance of the community media sector!
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Monitoring Media Pluralism in Europe – Testing and Implementation of the Media Pluralism Monitor 2014

MPM-homeSlideIn 2013, the European Parliament earmarked a budget for a pilot implementation of the Media Pluralism Monitor (MPM).  This tool was initially developed by a consortium lead by the KUL University.  The European Commission awarded subsequently a grant to the Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom (CMPF) at the European University Institute, to update, simplify and conduct a pilot-test implementation of the MPM. The CMPF policy report is available here.

Please find the latest resources including a historical overview and recent reports here:

UNESCO: Community Media Sustainability: Strengthening Policies and Funding

logo_unescoUNESCO’s international seminar on community media sustainability provided a knowledge exchange platform to strengthen community media and pluralistic media institutions in September 2015 in Paris.This seminar brought together experts and participants from multi-stakeholder communities including broadcasting regulators, community radio networks, academia, and NGOs, as well as from intergovernmental, and international and UN organizations. Good practice case studies and concept papers were be showcased and debated through moderated panels. Continue reading

European Symposium on Media Policy

On 20th of November 2015, the first European Symposium on Media Policy took place at the Center for interdisciplinary Media Research at Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus, organized by Arne H. Krumsvik and his colleagues. Judith Purkarthofer attended on behalf of CMFE.

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Community Radio – Official Status in French Speaking Belgium

Via CSA of the French speaking Community of Belgium: On the occasion of the UNESCO seminar of 14-15 September in Paris on “Community Media Sustainability”,the Conseil supérieur de l’audiovisuel, the media regulator of the French speaking Community of Belgium, has submitted a contribution outlining the main features of the official status of Community Radio under its jurisdiction.

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Swiss voters approve change in licence fee model

More funding available for digital transition and training in community radios
UNIKOM welcomes the strenghtening of smaller and local voices and media pluralism in Switzerland: Link (in German)

EPRA reports: On 14 June, Swiss citizens voted by referendum on the partial review of the Federal Radio and TV Act (RVTA), which was approved by a very narrow margin (Yes: 50.1%, No: 49.9 %).

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