Download research article about Cypriot community station MYCYradio

logo-mycyMember of CMFE expert group, Nico Carpentier, recently published an article entitled “The cypriot web radio MYCYradio as a participatory mélange. Overcoming dichotomies in the era of web 2.0″

“This article is aimed to study the meeting point of online and audiovisual media by analysing a Cypriot community radio station that exclusively uses web streaming, but that still is embedded in the architecture and materiality of the more “traditional” audiovisual media.”, the abstract says.

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ECREA Radio Section, Lisbon 2014


First things first: The Radio Section at the ECREA conference in Lisbon opened on Friday, 14th of November, with a panel on community radio – presenters were Peter Lewis (London), Eleanor Shember-Critchley (Manchester), Judith Purkarthofer (Vienna), Rosemary Day (Limerick), Salvo Scifo (Istanbul) and Tiziana Cavallo (Verona). The session was chaired by Stanislaw Jedrejewski (Warsaw).

Final MEDIANE European Encounter in Brussels

mediane-logoThe final MEDIANE European Encounter started today in Brussels and will last until Friday, 14 November 2014. CMFE was one of the main partner organisations of this unique joint Council of Europe and EU media programme. If you want to folllow the dicussions about diversity inclusiveness in the europan media and get first information how to use the new developed selfmonitoring and action tool “MEDIANE Box”, just read our Storify collection of tweets and pictures below or follow #mediane_be tweets, if you are on Twitter:

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BFR congress 2014 in Berlin/Potsdam


Under the full moon, BFR has started its Zukunftswerkstatt (more infos here: in Berlin with a discussion on ‘Participation in community radio – media access and alternative approaches to broadcasting’. Discussants were AMARC’s Sally Galiana, Frank Zimmermann (speaker regarding media politics in the Berlin government, SPD), Jochen Fasco (director of Thüringen’s media authority) and Heiko Hilger (media expert). The discussion was led by Michael Nicolai (Radio CORAX, Halle).

Tomorrow we are moving on to three days of discussions, workshops and exchange in Potsdam… including the CMFE General Assembly, Friday at 2pm.

Report from the event “The Promise of the EU”

“The Promise of the EU” was a keynote event organised by the Italian Presidency and the European Commission in Rome, 12-13. Sept. 2014. During the event three major questions were examined by six working groups:

  • How much unity do citizens want and what are the areas in which integration should take place?
  • What would make the EU more democratic?
  • What is the overall expectation of citizens from the EU?

Gabriella Velics, a member of CMFE board was invited and worked in the “Editorial independence as democratic value” working group.

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Saxony-Anhalt Retaining FM Radio For Another Ten Year

Logo_radio-corax_schwarz_2010The media committee in the federal state parliament of Saxony-Anhalt in Germany has decided to change the media law in order to retain FM broadcasting at least until 2025. “Today’s decision safeguards that the FM radio in the end of this year will not end up as electronic scrap and that radio will continue to be a popular media”, says the vice chairman of the CDU parliamentary group Markus Kurze. “If most households use analogue radio then this way of broadcasting must be retained”, he says according to 

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European Civil Society Platform on Multilingualism


While the status of the commissioner-designates is still not decided (and multilingualism is not featured anymore in a portfolio explicitly), the meeting of the European Civil Society Platform on Multilingualism took place in Brussels on 17th of October, 2014. NGOs from all over Europe met to discuss the promotion of multilingualism in the European Union as well as in the member organisations.

CMFE has been a partner in this platform for several years (projects included and Judith Purkarthofer who attends the meetings on behalf of CMFE will continue to stress the important role of community media in offering possibilities for social cohesion. The everyday multilingualism that is present in community radio stations, TV stations and web-based projects is outstanding and still the efforts and achievements of Community media in this respect are not fully  recognized.
Come back soon to find a collection of initiatives promoting multilingualism on our website!

New Commissioner-designate for Education, Culture & Youth

Following extensive discussion about the assignment of Citizenship issues to Tibor Navracsics, Commissioner-designate for Education, Culture & Youth (and the afore mentioned citizenship), Jean-Claude Juncker decided to reassign (several) parts of portfolios: Please find the list here:

Let’s be cautious to the actions taken by the newly built commission and follow closely the developments – specifically in the relevant parts for Community Media, like civil society / citizenship, multilingualism (which is no longer explicitly mentioned in a portfolio), net neutrality and technological changes.

Find below a documentation of the discussions / hearing around M. Navracsics:

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